Code de Déontologie

Voici, en français, toute l'histoire du Code de Déontologie de la Fédération internationale de coaches (International Coach Federation - ICF).




Below, you'll find the original ICF French Code of Deontology and how it originated.


A specialist in identity issues, François-Noël TISSOT believes that any professional should be able to comment upon his deontology in his client's working language.


This is the reason why, in 2003, he started translating the ICF Code of Ethics into French and to have such translation validated by French speaking Chapters of the International Coach Federation.


François-Noël was thus prepared when, on 8th March 2005, Coaching World published a new code of ethics, modified under David Matthew PRIOR's and Drazia RUBENSTEIN's supervision, and approved on 22 January 2005 in an English version only.


François-Noël authored a new French translation on 9 March 2005.


With the approval of our chapters from Belgium, France and Montreal, he then invited all ICF French-speaking coaches established in 27 countries to amend or to validate his translation.


Thanks to VPs Diane BRENNAN and Christine MARTIN, the revised French translation was posted on ICF web site on 3 June 2005.


For a reason unexplained so far, the text posted contains 7 typographic errors which do not reflect positively upon the commitment of ICF French-speaking coaches.


So, until the ICF site is amended, coaches and their clients are invited to refer to the original "Code de Déontologie" validated by our ICF French-speaking coaches worldwide.



Here is the whole story, in French.